In October 2021, Pope Francis invited the entire Catholic Church to embark on a process of reflection on its synodal life, meaning the quality of our "walking together." Here in Montreal, we merged this reflection process with the missionary transformation roadwork project that we had begun in the fall of 2018. 

In September of this year, we published the Montreal Synodal Summary of our synodal life. We would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on the progress of our diocesan process.

To begin with, the synodal and missionary roadwork Steering Committee (the working group responsible for following up and monitoring progress on the work) was expanded this fall to include two new members: Ms. Susan Brown, parishioner of Notre Dame de la Consolata, and permanent deacon Mr. Luc Couture.

In addition, the committee wishes to inform you of the following steps:

  1. In order to help enrich our reflection on both the quality of our synodal life and our missionary approach and, given the rather limited participation on the part of the diocesan faithful in the process of reflection conducted last winter and spring, we are preparing a team of diocesan facilitators. They will be given the mandate to go out in pairs and visit different groups of the baptized working in the Church and/or participating in Church life in the various settings (parishes, missions, movements, institutes of consecrated life, organizations, etc.), with the aim of opening up the dialogue and continuing with the reflection process that has been under way for the last four years.

    We are hoping that this team of diocesan facilitators will be ready by the beginning of the New Year, so that they will be able to begin their valuable work as soon as they are prepared.
  2. By means of a special animation tool provided by the archdiocese, the diocesan facilitators will lead the conversation towards identifying various avenues to be pursued in the missionary approach that will help our Church take on a renewed role within society.
  3. The diocesan phase of the 2021-2023 Synod initiated by Pope Francis is now completed. As we continue our work here in Montreal, we are also looking forward to participating in the continental phase of this Synod, along with our brothers and sisters in the dioceses of Canada and the United States. A working document has been prepared by the Vatican, and soon a number of delegates from each diocese will meet to discuss this document. The fruits of their discussions will be used to enrich our own reflection process as we strive to enhance synodality within our Montreal Church. 
  4. In addition to participating in the continental phase of the Synod, we plan to hold a synodal assembly (a group of diocesan representatives) in June 2023. Drawing on the contributions to be gathered over the next few months, this assembly will draft a list of priority missionary directions which will then be presented to the Archbishop.

As we begin the Advent season, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, let us continue to listen to one another, understanding one another’s needs, as well as those of our Catholic Church in Montreal and those of our society, in a truly synodal process towards a profound synodal and missionary transformation.

Erika, Susan, Denis, Fabrice, Luc and Alain

The Steering Committee

Synodal and missionary transformation roadwork project