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    We realize that what we do is only a drop in the ocean of need,
    but a drop that would have been lacking if it had not been there. ~ Mother Teresa

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However much you donate, your contribution is used to:





  The homeless and those in search of meaning

  Immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers



  To elderly and sick people

  To separated or divorced people

  To young couples preparing for marriage

  To young people in search of community and self-discovery

  Through faith education and preparation for Christian sacraments to people of all ages




  Parishes in disadvantaged areas





 Giving changes lives. Giving is an act of sharing and solidarity, in serving others and caring for their dignity. Giving is believing in love’s power to transform lives. Love, in the form of generosity, is at the heart of eachdonor’s gift. Your prayers and contributions help us to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ and to be instruments of his mercy and peace. When skies darken, the light of Jesus Christ reveals a way for us, coming to us through personal prayer, the liturgy and the sacraments, our community life and our service to others. Let’s continue to sow joy and hope in the hearts of others as a sign of thanksgiving to God, who never abandons us.

- Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal




2022 Annual Campaign

Witnessing to God's love also means contributing to the joy, love, well-being and dignity of individuals, families, young people and humanity in general.

Let’s support the Catholic Church of Montreal in its mission of service and reaching out to fulfil the needs that are around us. Together, by the grace of God, we can meet the challenges that our community faces. 

Thank you for your generosity!

2022 Annual Campaign
Planned Giving
Planned Giving

Planned giving, whether through financial, tax or estate planning, supports the ongoing sustainable development of the diocesan Church’s works. To offer a planned gift to the Catholic Church of Montreal today is to undertake an act of love for the renewal and outreach of the Church’s continued work on behalf of the next generation.

Donation of Shares listed on the stock exchange

Donation of shares or securities listed on the stock exchange

A bequest of publicly-traded shares or securities such as bonds, mutual fund units or stock options allows the donor to support the Mission of the Catholic Church of Montreal while maintaining his or her cash flow.

This type of donation becomes particularly advantageous when the securities are transferred directly to the Catholic Church of Montreal, since the donor in this case pays no tax on the deemed capital gain, thus reducing the costs associated with the donation.

To make a gift of stock, simply complete the electronic transfer form and forward one copy to your broker and another to the Catholic Church of Montreal.

For further information, please contact us by email at donate@diocesemontreal.org or by telephone at (514) 925-4300, ext. 217

Donation of shares or securities listed on the stock exchange
Donations to a parish
Donations to a parish

You can give directly to the parish of your choice by contacting the parish directly.