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Liturgy of the Day

Liturgy of the Day

Today, December 7

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Saint Ambrose

Ambrose was born into the aristocracy in Trier, Germany, about 340, and served the powerful Roman Empire. As governor, he intervened in a dispute over the election of the bishop of Milan. Although he was only a catechumen, the laity elected him as bishop. He hesitated at first, but later was baptized and ordained. Ambrose became a remarkable preacher and teacher of the faith. His most famous student was Augustine of Hippo, whom he baptized. Ambrose died in 397. In 1298 he was declared one of the four great doctors of the Latin Church (with Jerome, Augustine and Gregory I).©2011 Living with Christ, Novalis - Bayard Press Canada Inc., http://www.livingwithchrist.ca/. Reprinted with permission.

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