Pope Francis

As its detailed program was launched on June 23, the Papal visit team unveiled the official logo of the Papal visit to Canada. The logo, which illustrates the Walking Together theme, is the work of an incredibly talented Indigenous artist, Shaun Vincent.

“My creative process is inspired by nature, particularly in my family's land in St. Laurent, Manitoba, a Métis community where I ground myself and am reminded where and who I come from – often with a dose of humility and always good humour.”

   - Shaun Vincent

Owner of the Winnipeg-based Vincent Design firm, Shaun was contacted by the Papal visit team in early 2022. After some lengthy discernment, talking with elders and family members, he made the decision to participate in creating the visuals for the historic visit of Pope Francis to Canada.

To truly walk together for a purpose requires direction and focus.

A grandfather drum in the shape of a circle gives rhythm to the circle of dance.  

Circles of flowered beadwork shine bright during the fiddler's tune.

A circle of outstretched arms while throatsinging under the circle of the sun.

The circle can be found everywhere in Indigenous life.

In a circle, all are equal, all are visible.

Ceremony needs this symbol. It is history. It holds our stories. It is who we are. 

A symbol representing this event should have trust and calm at the centre. It is why I chose this symbol as its core, with the teachings existing within its shape.

   - Above: Page 4 of the logo design presentation

“For this logo, community was at the heart of what I wanted to portray, with the caribou and bison herds, the fish and the eagles, with a dove of peace and the Keys of St. Peter- representing the Holy Spirit and the Pope - set among the animals and elements of earth, sky and water. Wherever we go on this journey of healing and reconciliation, we go together.’’, explained Shaun Vincent.

Since its unveiling, initial reactions to the design have been glowing. “We are very pleased with the work of Shaun Vincent and his team’’, said Jasmin Lemieux-Lefebvre, lead – digital communications for the Papal visit team. “We are making the logo widely available in several downloadable versions on our website. We are grateful that Shaun was able to bring his creative vision to life and incorporate so many important elements into the logo. This important visual is a powerful symbol of our ongoing healing and reconciliation journey.”

More information on the logo can be found on the www.papalvisit.ca/walking-together-logo page:

- a 6-minute video by Shaun Vincent, introducing the graphic design;
- a logo design presentation;
- a download section.

Logo visite papale 2022

   - Above: The image’s rationale, on page 8 of the logo design presentation.


About the Artist

Shaun Vincent is an artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur. He founded Vincent Design Inc. in 2007. As someone with strong roots in the Métis community, it was in those early years of his career that he saw the need for representational design. It became the driving force for striking out on his own, building a branding and marketing firm with a focus on promoting Indigenous communities, organizations, and companies. From those early days in the basement of his St. Boniface home, he knew he wanted to create authentic, memorable work. Since then, he has grown Vincent Design Inc. to include a team of 15 people serving local, national and international clients.