While at their ad limina visit in Rome, the bishops of Quebec show their support in a message addressed to the flood victims.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Quebec,

Currently in Rome for the ad limina apostolorum visit, we are closely following the news about the flooding in many parts of Quebec. We are particularly sensitive to the situation of those who have had to leave their homes, without knowing what tomorrow will bring. We are thinking about the farmers who are worrying about the impact the heavy rains will have on their lands.

We thank all those involved in assistance and relief operations as well as in law enforcement and safety, the medical personnel and all the volunteers who are on high alert and are addressing the various needs of the population. We commend the municipal, provincial and federal authorities on their collaboration in providing a reassuring presence.

We join in prayer with the communities so that the people in this precarious situation may find inner peace and so that this trying time may be a moment of solidarity. Counting on God's Providence, which is manifested in us and through us, we invoke his care and concern to guide us on the way of generous assistance.

† Paul Lortie
Bishop of Mont-Laurier
Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops