Diocesan Celebration of the World Day for Consecrated Life 2024.

"I thank God for your fidelity," proclaimed Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal during his homily on Saturday, February 3rd. Gathered at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral were around 200 consecrated individuals from at least 70 diverse religious communities to mark the 28th World Day for Consecrated Life.

In his address, Archbishop Lépine emphasized the profound need for the world, particularly its youth seeking purpose, to encounter those who have dedicated their lives irrevocably to a higher calling, exemplifying unwavering fidelity in their daily existence. He recounted his recent visit to a community of elderly sisters, their steadfast commitment to prayer despite physical frailty serving as a poignant testament to this fidelity. For him, it is through such prayerful dedication that the Church perseveres and continues to attract seekers of Jesus Christ. Concluding, he affirmed that consecrated individuals are wellsprings of grace not only for the Church but also for humanity at large.

The Mass, concelebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal, Alain Faubert, the Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia, Charles Langlois, and numerous priests, was led by the cathedral's youth choir. The procession of offerings, led by consecrated virgins and accompanied by the popular Congolese processional song "Ee Fumue," was followed by the renewal of the vows of consecrated persons. 

The celebration concluded with moments of silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, fostering intimate communion with the divine origin of every vocation.

Under the theme "Consecrated Life at the Service of Society," attendees convened for a communal meal in the cathedral's main hall, for fellowship.

Highlighting the diversity of charisms and origins, various performances animated the afternoon: multilingual songs, dances, testimonies, and shared experiences vividly showcased the vibrancy and dedication of consecrated life, an enduring presence in the Archdiocese's service to society.

A delegation of 3 young people from Mission-Jeunesse, who took part in the "Hidden Good in the City"i project, gave a follow-up and also shared their joy at discovering consecrated people who lovingly place their lives at the service of the most disadvantaged. 

"Letting ourselves be guided by God along paths that are not always easy, sometimes mysterious and winding, but always with the certainty that everything is guided by his love." This was the message conveyed by a well-presented sketch by a group of people from the consecrated life who, with the blessing of Archbishop Lépine, brought the day to a close, leaving us with gratitude for having experienced this beautiful day together and the hope of meeting again. 


Written by Donatella Fiorani and Sr. Jacqueline Tchamgbade, sndt, Co-Directors of the Office for Consecrated Life 


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i LE BIEN CACHÉ DANS LA CITÉ - Mission Jeunesse Montréal (