The recent visit to the parishes of Notre-Dame de la Visitation and Saint-Antoine-Marie-Claret put the spotlight on a vibrant and dynamic church community inspired by joy, unity and the Holy Spirit. Through their empathetic leadership, Fr. Philippe and Fr. Jean-Hubert have played a key role in creating an environment in which God's love is experienced in tangible form. 

The genuine attention given to each parishioner individually has fostered an atmosphere of trust in which prayers of thanks to the Holy Spirit are spontaneous and freely expressed. This welcoming openness was vital in allowing the synodal process to identify areas for improvement, while showing the parish’s missionary potential. 

Concrete initiatives, such as the open cafés, the Masses celebrated for various groups and the lighting up of the church, have helped forge an enthusiastic and embracing congregation. Mirlène, who spends six months every year in Haiti assisting those in need, embodies the missionary spirit of this parish. 

Marie-Christine, who organizes parish activities working closely with the priests, plays a crucial role in parish coordination. Her efforts have contributed to the establishment of pastoral and social groups, strengthening parishioners in their unity and commitment. 

A five-year vision has been drafted underscoring the values of pastoral unity, improving management of resources, heightening visibility in the surrounding district and paying greater attention to the pastoral care of passersby. The goal is to make these churches oases of faith, hope and love. 

In short, the visit showed us a parish where God's love is present and felt, where the Holy Spirit guides parishioners towards synodality, and the Church's mission is lived with passion. This parish is an example of how a community can flourish when guided by the love of God and the Holy Spirit.