Share Lent 2024 – Reaping our Rights is the new campaign from Development and Peace – Caritas Canada, the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada.

Building on last year’s theme of Create Hope, the 2024 campaign, Reaping our Rights, will create bridges of solidarity with small-scale farmers and peasant communities around the world. This campaign will be an opportunity to recognize their vital role in global food production and rural development. More than ever, these communities are facing challenges like armed conflicts, land grabbing, agribusiness, mining, soil contamination and climate change, which are causing or exacerbating droughts, floods, fires and hurricanes.

The Reaping our Rights campaign will raise awareness of the need to acknowledge, enshrine and safeguard peasant peoples’ rights to land, water, justice, equality, gender equity, health, a safe environment, food sovereignty, biodiversity, education and housing.

In Laudate Deum, Pope Francis reminds us that “Everything is connected” and “No one is saved alone” [19]. It follows that Canadians have a duty to ensure that peasants’ rights, human rights and environmental rights are fully respected, not only in Canada but everywhere in the world.