Le Pont - A.P.P.I. proudly marks its sixth year of existence, a significant milestone in its journey of fostering community, embracing diversity, and building bridges of understanding. This momentous occasion is not only a testament to the organization's resilience but also a celebration of its evolution into a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), thanks to the unwavering support and approval of Archbishop of Montreal Christian Lépine. 

Preserving Values and Historical Connections: 

At the heart of Le Pont's success lies a commitment to preserving its core values and maintaining strong ties with the Archdiocese Diocese of Montreal. Recognizing the historical context and the instrumental support of the Archdiocese of Montreal in the initial foundation of the diocesan project "Le Pont," the organization remains dedicated to upholding its principles. 

Rooted in the rich values inherited from the Office of Cultural and Ritual Communities, Le Pont continues to draw inspiration from its origins. These values serve as the foundation for the organization's actions, ensuring a strong connection with both the Office and the Archdiocese of Montreal. 

Embracing Diversity and Cultivating Dialogue: 

Le Pont, much like the Office of Cultural and Ritual Communities, envisions a world where the diverse tapestry of worship and traditions is recognized and celebrated. The organization actively promotes ecumenical richness through open dialogue and mutual respect. In the spirit of integration and acceptance, Le Pont views interactions as a continuous movement—individuals reaching out to one another and fostering a simultaneous, reciprocal communion. 

Gratitude to Partners and Community: 

As Le Pont reaches this significant milestone, the organization expresses heartfelt gratitude to its exceptional partners: the Office of Cultural and Ritual Communities, the Archdiocese of Montreal, local parishes, dedicated volunteers, community partners, residents who have actively contributed to the transformation of Le Pont, new team members, and the generous benefactors who make everything possible. 

Meet the New Board of Directors: 

The journey ahead is guided by a dynamic and passionate team. Meet the new board of directors: Fr. Pierangelo Paternieri, Fr. André Tiphane, Elodie Ekobena, Eliana Jaramillo, Alessandra Santopadre. Their commitment ensures that Le Pont continues to thrive and make a positive impact on the community. 

As Le Pont reflects on its six years of existence, the organization stands as a pillar of unity and understanding. The commitment to diversity, dialogue, and community remains unwavering, promising a future filled with continued growth, positive transformations, and meaningful connections. Happy anniversary, Le Pont - A.P.P.I.! Here's to many more years of building bridges and fostering harmony.