The Archdiocese of Montreal today released the third quarterly report compiled by Ombudsman Me. Marie Christine Kirouack, Ad. E. The Report is cumulative, presenting data from May 5 to March 30, 2022.

To date, the Ombudsman has received a sum total of 95 formal complaints, of which 53 involve some form of abuse that occurred during the last 70 years, including financial, physical, psychological, sexual or spiritual abuse. 

The remaining 42 complaints regard matters not related to abuse, such as difficulties between employees and clergy or issues regarding cemetery upkeep, genealogical research and the like.

Since the Ombudsman office opened nine months ago, 30 formal complaints of sexual abuse have been filed; half of them relate to incidents occurring in the 1950s and 60s in schools under the jurisdiction of religious congregations.

Since the last quarterly report was published, no new sexual abuse complaints have been filed. However, there has been a noticeable increase in complaints related to psychological, physical or spiritual abuse, doubling from 15 to 30 complaints.

The office also receives complaints regarding issues not under the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction but for which information is provided, such as the procedure to file a declaration of apostasy. The Ombudsman has received 15 such inquiries. 

The report also outlines several areas where diocesan procedures and policies need to be harmonized with the recommendations of the Ombudsman and the expectations of the victims.

“Since my last report, I again received numerous calls from people who have suffered tremendously as a result of the abuse they suffered. Listening to their suffering is central to the Ombudsman’s job.” Me. Kirouack warns. 

“The Archdiocese of Montreal is continuing its process of transformation and renewal. In just nine months, we have implemented a specially created awareness/training program for all diocesan personnel and for mandated personnel in parishes. We also remain committed to the ongoing improvement of our internal routines and practices to become better at ensuring prevention and the follow-up of complaints,” Archbishop Christian Lépine underlined.

Archbishop Lépine established the position of Ombudsman in May 2021 to assure victims of abuse that their voice will not only be heard but also acted upon; it was one of the recommendations of the Capriolo Report.

The entire Report is public and can be found on the Catholic Church of Montreal’s website.  

To request an interview, please contact the Ombudsman.

Telephone:     (514) PLAINTE - (514) 752-4683