Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal issues sixth pastoral letter amid pandemic crisis.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We were relieved to learn yesterday that some restrictions affecting seniors living in residences, in force for several weeks, are now being eased.

Our thoughts instinctively turn to the seriously ill facing the end of life whose loved ones can now arrange to visit them, while respecting the necessary hygiene and protection protocols. We prayed a lot for those families who could not visit their dying parent. We are comforted by the latest announcement allowing such accessibility at this critical time in life: the loss of a loved one.

Let us encourage one another to go for a daily walk outside the home, even if it means taking a detour necessitated by physical distancing to preserve personal and social hygiene. Let us not pass judgment on others; we know that people living under the same roof can remain physically close. We are all called to do our part to get through this pandemic together.

Let us express, once again, in word and deed the friendship and solidarity we feel toward our elders who have given life to us through family, work and prayer. Let us remember the men and women religious, those living a consecrated life and priests who, by giving their lives to Jesus Christ, have served and continue to serve the Church and the world of our time.

The doors of our churches are closed but our hearts are open. There are still many unknowns attached to the phases of economic, social and church-related “deconfinement” that lies ahead. Let us pray to the Good Shepherd, who, in his almighty power, draws close to each person and each family. Let us entrust ourselves to the protection of St. Joseph the Worker and to the care of the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church.

Together, let us take care of our souls.

+ Christian Lépine
Archbishop of Montreal