Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal issues twelfth pastoral letter during pandemic crisis.

Dear People of God, 

While we remain in the dark night of a pandemic, unable to be with family members or present physically for loved ones approaching the end of life, still, Christmas night beckons us.

Christmas night speaks of Jesus, of angels proclaiming a new Light, of shepherds come to worship the Lord. Jesus reached out of eternity into time, from heaven unto earth, in order to be near us and among us in all our dark nights. He is God with us.

Let us open the doors of our homes, of our families and of our hearts to Jesus.

However alone you may feel, may the Lord Jesus fill you with His peace! Whatever pain you may be suffering, may He be your consolation!

May God grant that you live in the Light of His presence, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Merry Christmas!


† Christian Lépine
   Archbishop of Montreal