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Christmas family meal
Advent for families

Pope Francis is urging Christians to prepare themselves for Christmas this Advent season (2018) by being humble and trying to build peace in their soul, in their family and in the world. (...) The Pope said that peacemaking consists in not talking evil of and harming others, a bit like imitating God, who humbled Himself.

Homely (Dec.4th, 2018)

How We Celebrate

Decorations, food, and music: these are the main components of any celebration, and in teaching us how to celebrate, our foundress Catherine wrote about all three.


"For Christmas we decorate!" Catherine said. And for her, this did not take money. "The ingenuity of love can create many beautiful decorations from very little."

At Madonna House, the decorations that grace the buildings inside and out are prepared with love, prayer and patience, in order to make it as beautiful as possible, in an expression of love for God and neighbor.

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