Each year, on the 18th of October, one million children around the world pray the Holy Rosary. This is an initiative supported and promoted by Aid to the Church in Need.

The idea began in Caracas, Venezuela and grew to be a national project of the Venezuelan Church - 'One Million Children Praying the Rosary'.

The idea was to introduce children to praying the Rosary and to ask them to pray particularly for personal peace and family peace, as well as unity and peace throughout the world.

Aid to the Church in Need has supported this project since 2008 by printing and distributing materials, which has helped it to grow from a Venezuelan idea into a worldwide prayer campaign.

Today, children in 38 countries have joined this prayer campaign and we think it would be great if children in Canada joined too!

Children - your children, your grandchildren, church groups - can take part by praying the Rosary at 9 am on October 18 each year.

If it is not possible for the children in your life to pray the Rosary specifically on this date, then please help them to do so during the month of October - the month of the Holy Rosary!