Inspired by a powerful impulse of generosity, a great musical and spiritual event will be held in Montreal on November 15, 2014 in aid of our Near Eastern Christian brothers and sisters.

A French and international gospel music concert to support the social and humanitarian initiatives for Palestinian Christians. The Joliette Gospel Choir and the organization Maison InterCD (manager and promoter of the chorale's musical activities) wish to underwrite their financial support of the Franciscan Family Center (FFC) in Palestine for the Near East based in Bethlehem.

Founded in 2004, this center offers to Christian families of the region, personalized support to help individuals out of the precarious conditions of isolation and demeaning social conditions. Further, the Center contributes to the education of children through educational scholarship grants, renovating poorly constructed and often inadequate houses, and facilitating social integration and employment. It is intimately linked to efforts counteracting the exodus, unemployment and depression within the families. Thus, the Center counts on the generosity of foreign donors to pursue their mission and multiply their work in an urban environment.

The Joliette Gospel Choir consisting of 27 singers under the direction of Franciscan Guylain Prince, will give the full measure of their talent by singing a vast repertoire of French and International gospel music. Gospel music has the ability to unify, to revitalize, and to inspire prayer. It is simultaneously an elevation of the heart, a cry, a praise and a thrust of love. It is well executed in multiple languages, styles and musical genres. This production will be in the image of the Holy Land; a rich human mosaic swept by the desert winds and the breath of the love of an ancient, thousand year old people.

Finally, to assure the secure advance of the funds collected, the Commissariat for the Holy Land in Canada will handle the financial transfer. Come in large numbers to this concert, not only for the pleasure of singing with us, but also for the joy of helping our Christian brothers and sisters in the Near East.

Details :

Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 7:30 PM
Our Lady of the Philippines Church
8500 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal
Tickets: (514) 387-5292

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