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Social Action Office


The mission of the diocesan Social Action Office is to proclaim - mostly by action - the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s culture; to inform the baptized about the social dimension of the faith, and to invite the People of God to participate in initiatives which embody the principles of Catholic social teaching: respect for the dignity of the human person, promotion of the common good, the universal destination of goods and the preferential love for the poor, subsidiarity, participation,  solidarity; and care of creation.


Direction of the Social Action Office & Coordination of the English Network
Interim, 1 day/week: Louise Royer
Tel.: (514) 925-4300, ext. 312


The Social Action office actively promotes collaboration between parishes and local community organizations involved in efforts to overcome poverty and other forms of social exclusion.  Recognizing that this work cannot be done alone, the office collaborates with social action ministers in other dioceses; and in oecumenical and interreligious friendship.  

The Office accompanies persons who are designated by their parish or faith community to be the representative for action and education in social justice.

The following parishes/communities in the English sector have a designated a parish social action representative:

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish, St. John Brébeuf Parish, St. Kevin Parish, St. Luke Parish, St. Malachy Parish, St. Monica Parish, St. Veronica Parish, The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (diocesan council), Associates of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

Due to a partnership between the Archdiocese of Montreal and parishes, thanks to volunteers on orientation ccommittees, the Social Action Office has pastoral social action agents in the following neighborhoods:

F. Jean-Claude Musema, f.s.g.
Tel.: (438) 221-9019

Mario Beauchamp
Tel.: (514) 880-7500
Facebook page

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Centre-sud
Violaine Paradis, c.n.d.
Tel.: (438) 523-2170
Facebook page

Laval (West of Laval)
Hélène Prévost
Tel.: (438) 886-7639

Committee and Martin Fontaine
Tél : 514 376-3920

François Baril, priest
Tel.: (514) 353-2620

a/s Saint-Édouard Parish
Tel.: 514 271-4789
Facebook page