On the road to Compostela

We will embark on a pilgrimage in the month of July taking the route to Compostela! To walk on « el camino » is to accept to experience a conversion of heart and to live an encounter with God, with oneself and with others!

The beautiful landscape of the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela is a historic route that pilgrims from around the world have been travelling for over 1200 years. The pilgrimage is an exercise in physical, mental and spiritual endurance. The pilgrim is able to experience a growth that guides them to a better understanding of themselves and a little of the serenity and peace that awaits them at the end of their road.

In collaboration with Spiritours, the Montreal Diocesan Youth Ministry team offers you the chance to make this pilgrimage in the traditional historical way: Sleeping in pilgrim shelters or hostels, carrying all your necessities (an average of 20 km per day). In order to maximize the benefit of the experience and to allow others the same, pilgrims are encouraged to walk in solitude and silence at their own speed. The itinerary has been assembled by experts in the field. You will also benefit from a competent guide who knows the “Camino de Santiago”, who speaks Spanish and who will encourage spiritual dialogue and reflection. This pilgrimage will be shared with a small group of pilgrims (between 8 and 15) who are looking for growth and interior direction in the same manner as you. In addition, preparatory and information gatherings prior to departure will help you to better ready yourself for the physical, mental and spiritual journey.

For Young Adults (18-35 yrs) who:

  • desire to deepen their Christian identity.
  • want to walk in the footsteps of Christ.
  • cherchent à découvrir la volonté de Dieu dans leur vie
    are looking to discover the will of God in their lives and looking for the answer to the question:
    “What is my calling? What is my mission?”
  • want to live life to its full, and to fully live the proposed experience.
  • wish to engage in regular prayer time, attend mass daily and are looking for fraternal sharing.

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