September 29 2018

For MJYM Service Team and WYD 2019 Pilgrims

Go and make disciples of all nations

Challenges are often present in the daily tasks in the mission towards young people. Whether it is for a project, meetings to organize, they are always present.

Les sessions Allez! Go! are aimed at providing concrete tools and solutions for young people and all those working or wishing to work with young people in parishes, movements or communities.

These sessions serve to:

  • • Call the Catholic Faith community to continually renew its affective and effective option for young people.
  • • Invite, motivate, empower and energize young people to live as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ in today’s world.
  • • Foster the personal and spiritual growth of each young person and
  • • Motivate young people to participate responsibly in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.

The Allez! Go! sessions and its concrete tools will allow each person to improve their leadership skills for their mission and everyday life. Participants will be more equipped to witness and face challenges of a missionary disciple in world.

These three hour workshops are based on the leadership style of Jesus Christ and focus on 8 main topics.

S1. Accompaniment
March 2, 2019
S1. Group Dynamics
S2. Conflict Management
May 4, 2019




Establish a Vision, Build a Core Team, Collaborate
How to Plan & Run an Effective Meeting, How to Plan & Run an Effective Event
Spiritual Accompaniment, Active Listening, Pastoral Care
WHO, HOW and WHEN of delegation

Skills for shared leadership

Time Management
“Discerner mes priorités, pour vivre en cohérence avec qui je suis”.


    • Vous sentez-vous submergé par le boulot, l’école, la famille et les ami(e)s?


    • Quand avez-vous pris du temps pour vous dernièrement?


    • Vous demandez-vous comment vous allez réussir à rajouter une autre activité, un événement ou une autre rencontre dans votre horaire déjà si chargé?


Joignez-vous à notre prochaine session Allez-Go et venez acquérir des outils essentiels pour gérer votre temps efficacement tout en découvrant la sagesse dans le passage du livre de l’Ecclésiaste 3,1 : «Il y a un temps pour tout, un temps pour toute chose sous les cieux»

Parmi ces pistes, nous aborderons les questions suivantes :


    • Comment discerner entre vos engagements?


    • Comment vivre le temps du Sabbat au quotidien?


    • Comment établir vos priorités?


    • Comment mettre l’emphase sur la qualité de votre présence et non seulement la quantité de votre temps?


Group Dynamics
Learning to know the group,

Quickly address issues with good feedback, Define roles and responsibilities,

Breaking down barriers, and communication.

Conflict Management
Conflict Management, Communication Road Blocks
Managing Volunteers
Recruitment of volunteers, partners and community involvement

Processes and tools to recruit, prepare and support adults and young people who are involved.

After these sessions, you won’t leave as you came!

The Allez!Go! sessions give everyone the opportunity to learn and improve their skills as a Christian leader. You will be better equipped to GO witness and take on challenges in the joy of Christ!