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Children’s Bible Stories: Editor’s Picks

Hi Fi Vol. 127 (2009) Number 1

So your elementary school-aged child has outgrown her illustrated Bible board books, but you can't imagine graduating her to a big brick of a Bible yet? Fortunately, there are great publications out there for this age group. My favourite is the Words of Wisdom series. Centering on Old or New Testament characters and stories, such as Ruth, Jonas, Naaman, Bartimaeus, the unforgiving servant parable, and so on, these short books feature easy sentences tailored to beginning readers. I particularly appreciate their storytelling which is neither too simplistic nor sweetened. The illustrations themselves often tell a story of their own through the characters' subtle or humorous expressions. The original biblical text is included, as well as questions for the young reader. Although some are too easily answered by "yes" or "no", they do introduce the child to the interpretative process wherein the Word of God and our daily life and concerns can connect.

A similar option is the Arch Books series, covering stories from Genesis to Acts. With titles like "Tried and True Job" and "Jailhouse Rock", illustrations ranging from funny to touching, and biblical texts shaped into rhythmic poems, this series is an entertaining introduction to the Bible. Ask my eight year old!

- Sabrina Di Matteo


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