God, the Father - Catholic Church of Montreal

God, the Father

Based on the Bible, the first section of the Creed introduces God to us as our Father. God, the source of true fatherhood, carries a maternal love for us. In fact, the Bible refers to God in the masculine but to his love in the feminine. We could say that God is a father who embraces us with a mother’s love.

The Creed also tells us that God the Father is almighty. It is not the all-powerfulness of one who does as he pleases, when he pleases, and where he pleases. His all-powerfulness reveals itself as love that is offered and not imposed, love that respects the freedom of each human being, regardless of the price of that freedom.

God the Father is also God the Creator. God created the invisible world (the angels) and the visible world (human beings and creation) for one purpose: love. In the same way, parents who want a child beget their son or daughter through love. God was not content simply to create the world but he constantly maintains its existence, upholding, at every moment, our very existence.

The Bible tells us that if God the Father's motive for creating us is love, his ultimate goal is also love. God wants us to share in his glory, to be united in his love.

The Bible reveals to us that creation, in all its beauty, is a reflection of its Creator's greatness; it also reminds us that human beings are at the pinnacle of creation, created in the image and likeness of God. Christians therefore believe that knowing the Creator better will lead each of us to know ourselves better.