Commemoraton Mass for Jean Lapierre and Nicole Beaulieu


In the Hands of God

We are all still in a state of shock following the tragic event that caused the deaths of Jean Lapierre and Nicole Beaulieu. We pray for Jean's children, Marie-Anne and Jean-Michel; for Jean's mother, Mrs. Lucie Cormier; and for his siblings Martine, Marc and Louis; for Laure Lapierre, their sister, and for all other members of their family. We also pray for Nicole's brothers and sisters: Réal, Rémi, Marthe, Rosaire, Serge and Pierre, and for the rest of their family. We pray for the pilots Pascal Gosselin and Fabrice Labourel, and for their families. We pray for the residents of the Magdalen Islands, who are in shock having seen one of their families decimated by tragedy. We pray for their friends from all walks of life, including their friends from the world of media and politics.

What were Jean and Nicole experiencing on the day they died? Together with Jean's siblings, they were driven by a spirit of generosity and solidarity. Having recently lost their father, Mr. Raymond Lapierre, they were on their way to support their mother and sister. They were going to console one another and to pray for their father. Each of them was filled with a concern for the family, with filial love. It was family spirit that brought them together. The pilots provided their services for this family event out of friendship. Jean and Nicole were motivated by an ever-present sense of family love.

This love, which is ever present, is rooted in God. God loves us and makes himself present through Jesus. To love is to be present, and Jesus made himself present by giving his life for us, standing among us in our sin, pain, suffering and death. Jesus Christ, through the dark night of the Cross, bore our tragedies so as to be present in the midst of our suffering, whatever it may be. Through his resurrection, he demonstrated that love is stronger than death and that it shines through the darkness of death. The risen Christ transformed death into a passage to eternal life, thus giving us the "last word" regarding matters of the heart and the ties that are forged during one's lifetime.

It is within Jesus' infinite power to remain close to us throughout our lives, as well as at the time of our death. He calls us to believe in divine love and to place our own lives, as we place those of the loved ones we have lost, in the hands of the Eternal Father, with his grace and in the Holy Spirit.

Jean and Nicole,

In the hands of God,
We place you;
Into the hands of God,
We let you go.

In Jesus Christ's hands,
Gentler than our hands,
Stronger than the universe,
We entrust you.

In the hands of the Father
Who sees every pain,
Who knows every prayer,
We readily take heart.

The Holy Spirit imparted
Love as well as friendship;
In the hands of God,
We once again shall meet.

+ Christian Lépine
Archbishop of Montreal

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