Vision of Youth Ministry


Youth Ministers

The Vision of Youth Ministry  

The vision of Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people; stimulating their development as Catholic Christians and encouraging them to participate responsibly and uniquely in life, in the mission, and in the service to the Church and society.


 FIRST GOAL: Evangelization
Inspire and empower young people to live AS disciples of Jesus Christ in today's world.

 SECOND GOAL: Membership
Motivate and promote a responsible and active participation in life and in the mission of the Christian community and society.

Promote the personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

Youth Ministry is to...

  1. Train and support the Christian community to be ready and able to accommodate youth and love

  2. Help young people build positive intergenerational and intercultural relationships

  3. Recognize each young person as gifted person who can grow and make a difference

  4. Recognize that parents are partners

  5. Meet the needs of young

  6. Focus on "relationships" we build with the youth, not just about activities and projects

  7. Invest human and financial resources to establish a mission among the young long-term

  8. Suggest Jesus Christ to young

  9. Empower young people to become disciples of Jesus

  10. Create a culture of call, commitment, support and guidance