Theology of the Body network and follow ups to the Theology of the Body sessions

 This network of people will accompany you to deepen and integrate the teachings of the Theology of the Body in everyday life. On a regular basis, the Centre Leunis follow up committee will electronically send you interesting literature, as well as propose outdoor activities, and a few afternoons of formation with times of reflection and sharings held at the Centre Leunis (  and at various locations throughout the year.

Isabelle, Hélène and Marie-Josée : 514 481-2781



Sessions on the Theology of the Body offered by the Centre Leunis

 The beautiful message of the Theology of the body is very dense and it is sometimes important to hear it several times-to hear if in different ways- in order to fully taste the richness of this message, and to live it in our everyday lives.

 The weekend sessions propose different activities to young adults and to youth ministers. The entire journey fosters a better understanding of the human being as we were created to be: each person is invited to a personal reflection throughout the sessions. Throughout the sessions, each person is encouraged to proactively respond to the call of the Mission of the “New Sexual Revolution”.

 Isabelle and Marie-Josée: 514 481-2781

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