Duc in altum


A discernment experience for  
...young adults who are journeying in their faith formation 
and relationship with Jesus Christ and are asking themselves:
"How can I respond to God's call to happiness?" 
Participants met fr 8sessions. Topics include:  
Identity, prayer with Scripture, marriage and Theology of the Body, 
reconciliation, vocation and mission, etc.   

The experience allows young adults to grow in the discovery of 
their own identity, that "God created man in his own image, 
in the image of God he created him, male and female he 
created them" (Gn 1:27), in order that they be better equipped 
to understand the meaning of their existence and to discern their 
vocation and mission to happiness and love.  
Young adults develop their understanding that vocation is 
primarily an ongoing dialogue between the self who lives in a 
given context, grows, seeks, questions, judges and chooses, 
and God the Trinity who loves them into existence, calls, 
accompanies and prepares them to respond with generosity in 
the present moment, in the ordinary circumstances of their life.
"Duc In ALtum - A year for Your Future" is offered only 
in English, in partnership with a team of lay people and the 
Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco.
A discernment itinerary for young adults who wish to 
discern God’s call in their lives, and to experience a Christian 
formation enabling them to better conduct their lives in 
today’s world. 
Participants meet for 8 day long sessions and 
two retreat weekends.  


For more information, contact ducinaltummtl@gmail.com