For those who desire to... 
tl_files/Ressources_diocesaines/Jeunesse/images/autre/puce.png better discern the God's plan for them
tl_files/Ressources_diocesaines/Jeunesse/images/autre/puce.png perfect their Christian formation
tl_files/Ressources_diocesaines/Jeunesse/images/autre/puce.png have some direction regarding their commitments in
the world today

Here are a series of meetings for young adults who desire to
take some time to discern God's plan for their lives and to receive
Christian formation that will give them some direction in today's
world. Formation, which takes places over the span of a year,
includes several daylong sessions and one or two retreats.
The program includes time for prayer and sharing, teachings and
testimonies. Teachings are on self-identity, vocation, teachings
from Scripture, marriage, the Theology of the Body, etc.

This program is offered in French only, in partnership with the
Société du Christ Seigneur du Centre Leunis.

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