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Marriage, Life and Family

Following the 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family and the publication by Pope Francis of The Joy of Love, we are pleased to present the new Diocesan Centre that will support marriage, life and the family.

The Diocesan Centre for Marriage, Life and Family is rooted in the desire of the Catholic Church in Montreal to make known to people of goodwill the riches and promises of happiness that are part of God's plan for human love.


The family is the cell of society and the first school of humanity. The common good of any society and the solidity of the world of work are directly linked to the well-being of couples and families and the bonds of fraternity that unite them. It is also in the family that the dignity of human life, especially in its moments of fragility, is welcomed and accepted. It is a priority that persons become aware of their dignity and for couples to be united by a love

that engages the whole person. It is also important to ensure that parents are supported in their mission of education and in the development of their child(ren), so that they may discover the Love of God above all through their parents and also the Christian community.


The Love of God wants to reach all people and families in all situations. Jesus Christ is the source of Light, Strength and Peace which has the power to nourish love in the couple and the family, to give reasons to live and to engage in society. Therefore, the Center aims to:

TO FORM: to introduce God's plan for human love to all people of good will, regardless of their situation, since God always seeks the happiness of his children; to equip parents to transmit this plan to their children;

TO ACCOMPANY: to meet any person or family who wishes to live the plan of God and to accompany them, taking into account their challenges and their reality, towards the fullness of life;  

TO RADIATE: building and maintaining relationships between people and communities to strengthen the Church; encouraging those who experience the concrete love of God to let Him shine through them to communicate this love to others.

Contact us:

Ellen Roderick
514-925-4300 ext. 287

Katerine Perrault
514-925-4300 ext. 233