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Catholic Links

Links to numerous Catholic sites by category:

Articles on every aspect of the Catholic faith, the Catholic Church, and being a faithful Catholic ... plus a directory of thousands of faithful articles all over the web

The spiritual mandate of the Catholic Doors Ministry is to present doorways to assist Christian pilgrims to spiritually grow in their faith, hope and charity through the gaining of knowledge and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church teachings.

Catholic Divorce Ministry - excellent resources and links to other sites


This website is brought to you by Montreal's Contactivity Centre. It links to public, private, and non-profit resources that address the needs of seniors living in Montreal.

This is a website with a wealth of Catholic information for seniors.

Foundation for Grandparenting (involvement with grandchildren, family and safety)


Look here first for new information about web sites, products, books and activities for today's Catholic child.

My Friend - The Catholic Magazine for Kids (printable coloring and activity pages for kids)

Teachings and Treasures for Catholic Youth (toddler thru teen)

Canadian Books for Young Children

Family Life

Advice for Families by John Paul II

Family Matters is a site chock full of information, ideas, and advice on numerous issues relating to family life.

Dennis and Barbara Rainey's website with resources on marriage and family, including some specifically for single parenting.

Domestic-Church.Com hopes to promote a Catholic culture of the home that will aid each family to become "what you are!"

The Dove Foundation: Their mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution, and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.

At Home with our Faith: This is a great family website covering family spirituality, family and media, parenting ideas, and great resources.


The Healthy Marriage Pamphlet Series
Pamphlets addressing such topics as Respect, Agape, Affection, and Time are available at:

First Years and Forever

This monthly on-line newsletter addresses issues that couples may encounter in the early years of marriage. To subscribe go to:

The Marriage Mentoring Initiative is led by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott who have been the thought leaders in the world of marriage mentoring for over 15 years. The Parrott's and the MMI team have developed a marriage mentor certification process to help your church launch, develop and lead a marriage mentoring ministry.


Explore & enjoy your faith with your children!

James B. Stenson's website on parent leadership

Advice for fathers, as well as numerous great articles on fatherhood

A site for fathers ... by fathers and about fathers and the rewards of fatherhood

Separation and Divorce

Catholic Divorce Ministry - excellent resources and links to other sites

Divorce Busting: They specialize in helping people stop divorce and get their marriage back on track. Learn the skills you need to solve marriage problems and get your marriage back on track. Visit their on-line store for Michele Weiner-Davis' best-selling books, DVD's and CD's that will change your life.


A Christian shopping centre of information and resources for singles and singles' leaders

Teens/Young Adults

Catholic Teen Novels

Real Love Productions: Mary Beth Bonacci speaks to people across the country and around the world ... about relationships, about marriage, about sex, and about finding real honest love. You can read some of her published articles or find information about her award winning books and videos. Learn how to bring Mary Beth to speak in your area.