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Resources for Pastoral Home Care Visitors

Lending Library
The Pastoral Home Care Office has a Lending Library with many helpful resources for visitors to the sick and elderly. To borrow a book please contact the Pastoral Home Care Office at 514-931 7311 ext. 249 or ext. 354 
To see or print our list of library resources: Click Here

To purchase PHC related resources :

Pastoral Visit Reports
To keep track of the Pastoral Visits that take place within our diocese each pastoral visitor is asked to fill out a visit card recording their activity over a three month period. These reports can be e-mailed, mailed or phoned in to Cathie Macaulay at or 514-931-7311 ext 354.

The next reporting period is November 9, 2015 for ( August, September and October 2015)
     February 8, 2016 ( November, December, January)
     May 9, 2016 ( February, March, April 2016)
     August 8, 2016 ( May, June July 2016)

**New **Visit Report/ Journal
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Communicating Better With Someone With Alzheimer's Disease ( Handout)  Click Here 
God of Suffering: God with Us (article) by Cathie Macaulay Click Here

Forget Memory Nancy Gordon  Click Here

Our Catholic Funeral Rites  Bishop Thomas Dowd Click Here

Download this helpful pamphlet for planning a Catholic funeral. Updated 2011

Resources for Caregivers

        Catholic resources for caregivers :
                            Friends of St. John the Caregiver:
                            Aging Parents :
                            Educational Materials :

         A Caregiver's Prayer Click Here

World Day of the Sick  February 11, 2014 

Updated Liturgical Resource for Mass for the Sick ( New Roman Missal ) Click Here

New Roman Missal Updates For Communion to the Sick
Advent 2011 marks the introduction of the New Roman Missal. If you are using the CCCB blue booklet Communion of the Sick for your home visits, this insert will update the responses in accordance with the New Missal. Click Here

Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide debate

Home Visit Cards
A template is available for printing cards that can be used as a reminder of a home visit. It can be personalized for parish use. A prayer for the sick is printed on the back.
For the template, please contact the Pastoral Home Care Office and we'll be happy to send it to you! Here is a PDF of the card for parish use: Click Here