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Very soon, we will be celebrating Christmas. The "holiday season" has been under way for a few weeks now. For most of our families, Christmas is a time for get-togethers, family reunions, gift exchanges, and parties of all kinds. The birth of the baby Jesus does not go unnoticed!

For Christians, whether they are Catholic, Protestant, or any other denomination, the feast of Christmas remains a purely religious feast day. For those who are of another religion, this period when days begin to get longer and nights shorter (the winter solstice) is also conducive to festivities. Whether or not it is significant to a  person’s  faith, this season is one of celebration.

What people will experience in their hearts throughout these festivities can vary from one extreme to the other: the joy of celebrating together, the pleasure of having family or friends together again and at gift exchanges… many opportunities to manifest our profound desire to weave and maintain our ties with others. In contrast, for too many people, the time of rejoicing will be a cruel reminder of their loneliness. Humans are not meant to be isolated!

Throughout the holidays, we experience the joy of giving: offering a gift, a meal, or simply devoting our time to someone. The joy of giving is embedded in the human heart. Unfortunately, personal wounds or scars from painful events can inhibit our desire to share. The holidays can be the time to reawaken this inner enthusiasm for giving, for being open to others, and for being generous.

At times, we will also experience the joy of receiving. Welcoming a guest, being invited for a meal, or even being able to talk to a friend are just several ways of welcoming the love and affection that others have for us. For many, the joy of receiving can be a challenge: sometimes easier to give than to receive! Is it because we don't want to be "indebted" to another person, or because we feel that we don't deserve the attention? Christmas can be the opportunity to let ourselves be loved. In shared love, Christians recognize a true gift from God. It is God manifesting his love through these small and generous gestures of kindness.

Jesus Christ, whose birth we will soon be celebrating, wanted to make the Eucharistic meal a reminder of the gift of his life to us, the greatest gesture of love ever made. Every time we turn ourselves toward others, are we not continuing that which we celebrate at mass? Could this enrich the significance of our participation in the Christmas Mass?

During these last days before Christmas, let us allow Christ to guide us toward the impoverished, toward the outcast. Let us question our personal role in the establishment of a more fair and just society, one that is better organized, in which each person can find his or her place. In doing this, we will participate in the mission of the Saviour whose birth we will soon celebrate.

+ Jean-Claude Turcotte
Archbishop of Montreal

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Mrs. Elizabeth KOESSLER, assistant to the Episcopal Vicar to the English-speaking Faithful, without prejudice to her other function.


Mme Suzanne GIRARD, avocate au Tribunal régional de Montréal.



Rev. Fr. Victor AROCKIYASAMY, h.g.n., parish assistant at Saint-Richard, without prejudice to his other function;
Père Philippe DESIRÉ, i.v.Dei, vicaire paroissial à St-Esprit de Rosemont;
Most Rev. Thomas DOWD, E.V., parochial administrator of St. Francis of Assisi and of St. Dominic, without prejudice to his other functions;
Père Stephen DYAS, l.c., aide au ministère à St-Pierre-Claver et St-Stanislas-de-Kostka;
Rev. Fr. Wladyslaw MEZYK, o.f.m. conv., parish assistant at Our Lady of Czestochowa;
M. Dominic RICHER, diacre stagiaire à St-Joachim;
Père Andrzej SZULTA, o.f.m. conv., assistant à la mission St-Wojciech et St-Maksymilian;
M. Alexandre TRAN, séminariste stagiaire à Ste-Famille-de-Bordeaux-Cartierville;
Rev. Fr. Adam ZAWACKI, o.f.m. conv., parish assistant at Most Holy Trinity.


Fr. Brian BOUCHER, pastor of Annunciation.


M. André BEAUCHAMP, vice-président d'assemblée de fabrique de Saint-Léopold.


M. Denis GAUTHIER, vice-président d'assemblée de fabrique de Bx-François-de-Montmorency-Laval.


Abbé Raymond ARSENAULT, aumônier du Conseil 15331 Curé Jean-Tétreault des Chevaliers de Colomb, sans préjudice de son autre tâche;
Père Gilles GUIMOND, o.m.i., aumônier de l'Assemblée François de Montmorency Laval 2015 des Chevaliers de Colomb, sans préjudice de son autre tâche.


Mme Christiane SIGOUIN-BLANCHETTE, animatrice de pastorale à Patro Le Prévost.

December 8, 2011
Msgr Michel Parent, V.É.

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