Saint of the Day

March 23

Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo

Turibius was born in Spain about 1538. He was a professor of law when King Philip II appointed him chief judge in the Inquisition of Granada, an unusual appointment for a layperson. More unusual was his selection as Archbishop of Lima, Peru! Turibius pleaded the irregularity of such a choice, but was ordained and consecrated bishop.

In Lima he was appalled by the attitude of the 'conquerors' who exploited the country and subjected the native peoples to all sorts of tyranny and injustice. Turibius condemned these abuses and provided for the spiritual and physical needs of the people by founding numerous schools, hospitals, and churches. He learned the native languages and was a very effective teacher and preacher. He established the first seminary in Latin America. He died March 23, 1606 and was canonized in 1726. He is a patron of Latin American bishops.

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