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Comment by Ralph Neumann | 2016-07-11

I am saddened about the passing of this great and humble man. My journey to become Catholic was a long one and led from Montreal through Sutton, Seattle, Vancouver, France, and back to Montreal to the RCIA program at Saint Lukes. During the Rite of Election in 2007, we went to Mary Queen of the World cathedral to meet Cardinal Turcotte. During formalities, we shook hands and he asked a brief question. The warmth of his presence...a very good man. I have his photo affixed to the steering wheel of my automobile.

I see that my post follows the one of Ms.. Lafontaine. Oddly, today we 'accidentally' happened to sit in the same pew at mass at Saint Lukes.

Cardinal Turcotte, please explain...

PS: I am thankful that the math question was not more complicated.

Comment by Bishop Emanuel | 2016-01-13

Dear Eminence, from our casual meeting at Hôtel-Dieu, every future occasion was like a family reunion. Montreal was blessed to have you at the helm during its crisis years. Well done, good and faithful servant! Pray for us!

Comment by Antonello Fiore | 2015-05-28

I am still saddened from the passing of Cardinal Turcotte. I was with him during his last weeks. I was his personal caregiver at Marie-Clarac Hospital. He brought so much energy and power into the room, regardless of his state. I would be next to his bed, praying the rosary, praying for his soul and for his family.
It was a pleasure meeting his family. I still keep the picture of Cardinal Turcotte that they have given me right next to my bed.
He will be missed but never forgotten.
May God bless you Cardinal Turcotte!

Comment by John Zwicker | 2015-04-17

A short note to express our condolences along with prayers for the repose of his soul.

Our family (currently 9 of us) are frequent visitors to St. Joseph's Oratory, where Cardinal Turcotte would offer Mass, on many of St. Joseph's Feasts.

After Mass, we would wait for his family Blessing where he gave special attention to the children.

We are grateful for this, for his Blessings, service to The Church and importantly, for his Priestly Sacrifice.

the Zwicker Family, Ottawa

Comment by Anthony Saroli | 2015-04-10

Some years ago, I had the good fortune to attend a dinner party where I was lucky enough to sit next to Cardinal Turcotte. He had just returned from Rome where he participated in his first Conclave where the Cardinals elected Pope Benedict XVI. He told us stories about his experience at the recent Conclave. There were some people around him who did not really understand the process that was involved in electing a new Pope. So the Cardinal began by explaining the procedure of the election of a new Pontiff. I sat next to the Cardinal and listened very carefully while we had a great chat. He was speaking in English to the people sitting around him. At one point I told him in French: “Monseigneur, from what I remember the Cardinals were all in a hurry to get out of the Conclave by quickly electing Cardinal Ratzinger in case the Holy Spirit made a mistake and chose someone else”. (Ratzinger was the favourite and was elected on the second day after 4 ballots). Cardinal Turcotte answered me back in French: “Mais, t’a ben compris, toi?” meaning that I really understood the process.

He was a real fun guy to be with when you were talking close with him on a one-to-one... I will forever remember his laughter and his joie-de-vivre.

He was truly a great man and a man of the people.

Comment by Maria Olaguera | 2015-04-10

It was October 2002, and we were at YUL on my way to Rome to attend the canonization of Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. Waiting at the gate with his fellow passengers was Cardinal Turcotte, wearing his clerics and his pectoral cross. I remember thinking he had great presence and serenity. My sister, my brother-in-law and I greeted him, and he started to speak with us quite naturally and cordially. We found out that he too was on his way to Rome, not for the same reason as ours, although he was happy to know the purpose of our trip. This short but very personal encounter always made me remember the Cardinal and pray for him with respect and affection.

Comment by Fr. Raymond Lafontaine | 2015-04-10

One of my fondest memories of Cardinal Turcotte were his regular visits to the Pontifical Canadian College when I was a graduate student in Rome and he was attending meetings of the Vatican congregations to which he belonged. No matter how full his schedule, he always invited us out to dinner on his last night in Rome and it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up on all the news from home! He was not primarily a theologian, but a pastor: a man of the people, who spoke simply and directly, who loved the poor, who genuinely cared for his priests (even when they disagreed with him!), and who through the diocesan Synod, showed his commitment to walk with the People of God into the new millennium. "Well done, good and faithful servant ...enter into the joy of your Lord!"

Comment by Julie Lafontaine | 2015-04-08

Saddened at the news of the passing of our dear Cardinal Turcotte, I remember fondly a time when we were "accidentally" sitting at the same table for an event centered on how parish leaders could foster youth inclusiveness in our parishes. We were asked to share with those at our tables on the subject and the then Bishop Turcotte looked at me eager to accept the invitation to share. Even though I started out with great concern I couldn't possibly say anything "The Bishop" would care to hear, he was very receptive to my ideas and immediately made me feel at ease sharing my views. I felt honoured to be in his presence yet very welcome and respected. a wonderful memory for me of an encounter with a holy man. May the Lord welcome him into his heavenly Kingdom and comfort us, his family on earth.
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