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The miracle that led to Br. André's canonization

Brother André (Photo: Archives Saint Joseph's Oratory)Many people were clamoring to know the miracle, which was approved by the Vatican and opened the way for the canonization of Brother André. The family of the person who was miraculously healed wanted to stay out of the media spotlight so as to keep the focus on Brother André.

While still respecting the desire of the family to remain
anonymous, the administration of St. Josephʼs Oratory recently decided to publish the miracle in The Oratory magazine. The Canadian who benefited from the healing was the victim of a serious road accident in the 1990s. He was then nine years old.

A terrible accident, a phenomenal healing

"He was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a car. At the hospital, the diagnosis indicated a severe cranial trauma. He was in a state of irreversible coma. After several days, death seemed imminent. The doctors told the parents that they could hold out no hope of recovery, and they agreed for all tubes to be removed.

That very same day, friends of the family visited St. Josephʼs Oratory of Mount Royal in Montreal to pray to Blessed Brother André, asking for the boyʼs complete restoration. They brought back with them a bottle of St. Joseph Oil, a medal and a prayer card, which they gave to the parents. Inspired by this gesture of faith, the parents began praying to Blessed Brother André that their child might recover his health.

To everyoneʼs surprise, there appeared an astonishing improvement. Despite the removal of the respiratory apparatus days earlier, the boy continued to breathe on his own. Signs of recovery progressed - he emerged from the coma after three weeks. From that moment on, his condition improved rapidly. In the weeks that followed, the boy recuperated swiftly from the terrible accident and he was able to resume his usual routines. His parents acknowledged this healing as a great favor from God, thanks to the intercession of Brother André.

This healing was submitted to a diocesan investigation in February 2005. Four years later, it was unanimously declared scientifically unexplainable by the medical commission of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints on February 26, 2009. The following 19th of December, Pope Benedict XVI ordered that a decree be prepared recognizing the miracle. And, that is how the door was thrown open for the former doorkeeper of Collège Notre-Dame to enter into the ranks of the saints." 

(The Oratory magazine, September-October 2010. Reprinted with permission.) 

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