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Popular devotion for Br. André keeps growing

Brother André, wearing his usual coat and hat. (Photo: Archives Saint Joseph's Oratory)When Brother André died in 1937, several thousands of people came to pay their respects. It was a clear sign of his great popularity. His popularity has never lessened since. In fact, it has been quite the opposite.

St. Josephʼs Oratory receives between 1.5 million and two million visitors every year. In 2010, the year of Brother Andréʼs canonization, that number has grown by 10 to 15 per cent. These crowds of visitors is a true social phenomenon.

The pilgrims come from here and abroad. They hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the United States and other countries. They represent a multitude of nations and practise different religions. Every generation is represented: the elderly, adults, parents with children and young people.

These pilgrims and visitors each live their faith differently, but they are all seeking meaning in their life. They confide their needs, their sicknesses, their sorrows and their sufferings to Brother André, and they pray to him and to St. Joseph to obtain favours from God.

Just as in the days of Brother André, people can still obtain the oil and medals of St. Joseph today. It is difficult to count the number of healings attributed to Brother André, but oratory staff frequently receive testimonies concerning this topic.

St. Josephʼs Oratory is also a wonderful place to give thanks to God for favors obtained through the intercession of Brother André.

No matter their situation, whether they are healed or not, pilgrims leave the oratory consoled, as well as stimulated in their faith. They realize they lived an unforgettable experience.

Rolande Parrot 

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