Supreme Court to hear Loyola High School


The Supreme Court of Canada decided on Thursday to weigh in on the case regarding the controversial ERC course introduced into the Quebec school curriculum in 2008.

The decision by the country's highest court to hear the case sparked hope at Loyola in N.D.G. that it can still win its court battle with the Quebec government, despite losing last year in the Court of Appeal.

"We are really happy this will be heard by the Supreme Court," said Paul Donovan, principal of Loyola, adding that the school's case is quite different from the previous case heard by the Supreme Court. "Our feeling has always been that this course strips religion of any sense of what faith means and just focuses on the exterior practices of those religions."

The province refused to grant the 160-year-old Catholic boys' school an exemption, and even turned down an offer of an equivalent course, saying religion and ethics can't be taught from a Catholic perspective.

"If religion is just cultural practices, that doesn't tell me how that can govern your life," said Donovan. Following the course in the secular way it's laid out, he said, would mean that when it came to ethics "we wouldn't be able to promote one perspective over another, and for us that's a problem."

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