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In a campaign wink to Montrealers, the Archdiocese of Montreal put up a large billboard along the southbound lanes of the Turcot Interchange. The French-language sign, leading up to the Champlain Bridge, reads: "Say a prayer". 

Local media have reported the precarious state of the bridge, which is currently undergoing major repairs to ensure its safety. 

However, Lucie Martineau, diocesan communications director, did stress that bridge authorities have assured that there is no danger of sudden or imminent collapse.

"It's just a little humour to catch people's attention," said Martineau. "And to help them think of God, even if it's just for a second."

The billboard will be up for one week only. The ad campaign for this year's annual collection will actually begin April 18. The theme, inspired by Facebook, is "Love".

Read more about this year's campaign.

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