Arraignment of Fr. Brian Boucher


Press releaseThe Archdiocese of Montreal reacts to the criminal charges of a sexual nature brought against Fr. Brian Boucher, a diocesan priest. The process leading to his indictment came as a result of close collaboration between diocesan authorities and the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

"We unequivocally denounce all forms of abuse, whether physical, psychological or sexual; furthermore, anyone practising their faith within the Archdiocese of Montreal must be able to do so in total safety and without fear or misgiving," said Bishop Alain Faubert, Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General. "We would like to acknowledge the courage of those who contacted the Archdiocese to report what they had experienced. They are in our thoughts and prayers, as are their families, loved ones and the communities to which they belong."

The Archdiocese would like to stress that as soon as its officials received testimony alleging misconduct by Fr. Boucher, every effort was made to shed light on these allegations. Diocesan authorities removed him from all Church ministry, launched an internal investigation, guided the alleged victims through the process, and collaborated with the police by sharing the results of its investigation.

Zero tolerance throughout the Archdiocese of Montreal

In June 2016, Most Rev. Christian Lépine, Archbishop of Montreal, established a service to promote Responsible Pastoral Ministry, charged with ensuring a healthy and safe environment throughout the diocese. Through the decree establishing the service, the Archdiocese of Montreal applies a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding abusive behaviour of a physical, psychological or sexual nature to all those in its employ or acting on its behalf.

"We would like to reiterate our willingness to do everything to bring the truth to light, and we renew our commitment to ensure that everyone who calls upon or looks to the Church is treated with compassion and respect," concluded Bishop Faubert.

The Archdiocese of Montreal invites anyone with information relevant to the Fr. Boucher case, or any other instance of similar abuse, to contact SPVM investigators immediately. The Archdiocese may also be contacted through a confidential helpline, at 514-925-4321 or by e-mail, at

Having full confidence in the judicial process and court proceedings underway and so as not to impede the prosecutors' work, the Archdiocese of Montreal will make no further comment at this time.

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Comment by Carol | 2017-03-04

You say the Church has zero tolerance policy but can you explain why Boucher was moved 10 TIMES IN 30 YEARS when the usual period of time in a parish is 7 years and normally extended to 14 years?????? Also why was the fact that Boucher was in charge of the youth group in St. John Fisher Parish around that time not publicized. Do you realize the impact that this is having on the young adults that were associated with this person...the hurt, the anger, the confusion, the sense of betrayal to mention only a few emotions. The guilt that the parents feel having exposed their, at that time, children/teens to such a person. Yet the Church does not in any way address this. Forgiveness.....forget it. For forgiveness to be authentic Boucher, and every other abuser, MUST GO TO EACH INDIVIDUAL AND ASK FOR THAT PERSON'S FORGIVENNESS. God would not ask for anything less.

Comment by Dominique Racanelli | 2017-03-06

As a former parishioner, Mr. Boucher drove me away. There was no spirituality coming from this man. I have seen and heard too many montreal priests with bully attitudes towards their parishioners. Go see how many parishioner he lost at Our Lady of Annunciation. Shame on all of you!

Comment by Elizabeth MacDougall | 2017-03-07

Wow. Do you think perhaps we should wait till he has had an opportunity to address the charges in court? Is that not the Christian thing to do? Perhaps a little less of the gossip would be helpful. That's not the priest I knew at St Luke's. I will wait before I judge him, and I certainly won't attack him.

Comment by Mila Aquino | 2017-03-08

I agree with Ms. Elizabeth.we should wait till Fr. Brian has had an opportunity to address the charges against him in court. Who are we to judge! He didn't drove parishioners away at OLAP, they left voluntarily. He's not the priest I knew at Our Lady of Annunciation....let us pray for him and for alleged victims.

Comment by Lesley | 2017-03-09

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Stop the gossip until we get the facts. Many considered this priest a very good man.

Comment by Tatiana | 2017-03-10

Father Brian, we are praying for you, like you prayed for us in when we were in sickness , in grief and going through hard times .You were always there for us .May God protect you.

Comment by Patricia | 2017-03-13

I knew Brian before he was in the seminary and he was always an angry, frustrated man. He was very good at playing a role but make no mistake, he was a very troubled individual and the authorities within the diocese who knew there were allegations and did nothing should be brought to justice as well. Brian damaged lives beyond repair. He was a hypocrite preaching a faith he was not abiding to and calling himself a man of God. Certainly not my God! This is not gossip. These are facts.

Comment by Rita Rudolph | 2017-03-16

Praying for Fr Brian and the Boucher family

Comment by Mel | 2017-04-22

Father Brian is the priest that married my husband and I in 2013.
You can say we had a love/hate relationship. At that point in my life, I wasn't sure which religion I believed in, even though I was born Into Catholicism. I looked to Father Brian for guidance. Father Brian was indeed very opinionated, believing his way was the only way which had us arguing many times. I needed to remind him that he was my priest and not my wedding planner.. I found him to be very judgemental and he actually insulted my guests during the my wedding ceremony with his very rude and condescending comments. Unacceptable!
I was shocked and so disappointed to have seen him in the news for these crimes. Actually I'm not surprised about the aggression side to it... but being a pedophile?!
Really?? Father Brian, I am so disgusted with you and although your actions haven't affected anyone in my circle... I can't help but think of the amazing families my husband and I have met at the Annunciation Parish whose children were very close to you and whose parents you called your friends.
If these allegations are true and you are found guilty...God will pave your way.

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