K.O.C. car rally

2018-06-09 (09:00 - 12:30)


K.O.C. car rally


A car rally to benefit the Angels of Mercy in their drive to serve the homeless,  to be held Saturday June 9 2018 starting at 9am to Finish with a Potluck supper, followed by a short 15 minutes talk on the Fire of the Spirit, music and dance. P.S. this is not a SPEED rally but a precision « fun » rally allowing you to discover some interesting, historic sites west of the Montreal Island. A day to enjoy a fun  drive in the country side with a partner that could be a teenager child, a friend, spouse, etc.,, Come and enjoy yourself. There will be a monetary 1st prize.

Schedule: 9 am start

Price: $20.00 person/ 2 per car

Phone: 514-887-4898


Email: gta.taillon@gmail.com


4320 St. Anne, Pierrefonds

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