What is a Synod ?

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Preparatory document

Questionnaire: Open to all

Questionnaire: For young people

FAQ on the Synod

It is an institution that derives from the Second Vatican Council, which brings together bishops from around the world to reflect together on a specific issue. This gathering ends with the adoption of a report which the Pope can take up the conclusions and publish them in a “Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation”. (Source : https://www.ewtn.com/library/BISHOPS/synod12introduction.htm)

  • Announcing the joy of the Gospel is the mission which the Lord has entrusted to his Church. The Synod on the New Evangelization and the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium addressed how to accomplish this mission in today’s world. On the other hand, the two Synods on the Family and the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia were devoted to accompanying families to meet this joy.
  • Through a new synodal journey on the theme of “Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment”, the Church decided to consider how to accompany young people in recognizing and accepting the call to ” Love and life in fullness.
  • To ask young people to help define the most effective strategies today to announce the Good News. Through the young, the Church will be able to hear the voice of the Lord that still resonates today. As formerly Samuel (cf. 1 S 3,1-21) et Jeremiah (cf. Jr 1, 4-10), Some young people know how to discover the signs of our time that the Spirit indicates.
  • By listening to their aspirations, we can glimpse into the world of tomorrow that comes to meet us and the ways that the Church is called to follow.

“Lineamenta”, or “main lines” in Latin, is the other name for the Preparatory Document published ahead of the Synod to launch the consultation of the people of God. The “Instrumentum laboris”, or “working document” in Latin, is a text prepared by the secretariat of the synod, following all the answers received to the questionnaire of the Preparatory Document, as well as observations and study contributions. It serves as a basis for the synodal assembly, it is the instrument of work given to all the bishops who will participate in the synod.

Of course ! You will be heard to the extent that you participate ahead of the synod.

It is a unique opportunity to express yourself freely, guided by questions that concern you directly. These are your answers that will serve as a red thread to the bishops for the synodal assembly.

Finally, after the synod, the conclusions gathered in the apostolic exhortation will be diffused in the parishes of the whole world. A work of accompaniment and concrete appropriation of the text then takes place.

For this synod which concerns young people, Pope Francis particularly solicits the words of the young people, he even wrote to them in a special letter  to encourage them to participate.

Young people, youth ministers, religious and lay people will participate mainly ahead of the Synodal Assembly of October 2018.

Then the bishops will gather in Rome around the Pope since this synod of the universal Church is a synod of bishops.

  • The Preparatory Document launches the consultation phase of the people of God.
  • The questionnaire of the Preparatory Document is therefore addressed to all and invites particularly every diocese, movement, institute of consecrated life or association of faithful to elaborate an answer. Everyone will find the appropriate modes and groups for reading the Preparatory Document and preparation of responses. Nous vous invitons à faire participer des jeunes concernés (e)s (13 – 35 ans).
  • In parallel with these consultation processes managed by the dioceses, movements, communities that are invited to listen to and involve young people. Young people will also be able to express themselves directly by answering the questionnaire that will be broadcast on-line Of May 2017.

This questionnaire will be available in several languages on the website www.missionjeunessemtl.org

In order to reach out to young people. The questionnaires are for :

  1. The general public
  2. young people only

The synthesis document of each diocese is to be prepared by the end of October 2017. Therefore, given the summer holidays, we would like to receive the answers before the beginning of July 2017.

The questionnaire consist of three parts :

1-  Gathering Statistics

2-  Evaluating the Situation

3-  Sharing Activities

You can reply directly online.

For part 3 on the “1 to 3 initiatives that have borne fruit within the framework of the pastoral vocations”, it is to relate on 1 page. You can download the PDF document directly online.

Isabel Correa, Director of the Mission Jeunesse – Youth Ministry Service, will work in conjunction with the Office of the Vicar General and a team of young people, couples, representatives of consecrated life and sacramental orders. icorrea@diocesemontreal.org   📞 (514) 925-4300 (273),

This team will not be able to do this without all the contributions that will come from local communities, communities and movements. We count on you to see with your bishops or leaders how to encourage broad participation in this consultation process.

On the website www.missionjeunessemtl.org  

On Facebook, MissionJeunesseMTL page

On Twitter, @missionjeunesse. Make sure to use # Synode2018 … and not #Synode18 !

By email : missionjeunesse@diocesemontreal.org

On a global level, perhaps, if the Holy See is setting up a website dedicated to the Synod, which is not the case at the moment.

On the national level, yes, Mission Jeunesse will set up on this site the experiences / best practices that will be shared…

And already, you can benefit from the sharing of good practices that has been achieved at European level on the occasion of the recent Symposium on the accompaniment of young people.