Mission & Vision


The Rouah festival is a Christian event whose mission is to celebrate and publicly propose Christ in the heart of the city of Montreal through various activities such as arts, fraternal encounters, teaching, and prayer. The 2017 Rouah Festival will celebrate the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal.

Montreal’s 375th

Inspired by the breath of the Holy Spirit, the founders of Montreal came to celebrate the praises of God where the name of Jesus Christ had never been spoken and to live with the First Nations a model of community life based on the ” Love of God and of thy neighbor (Cf. The real motives of the foundation of Ville-Marie).

We want to emphasize these Christian roots of the city and celebrate God’s praises in the heart of the city, 375 years later. The Holy Spirit acted concretely in the lives of young missionaries to inspire them to found Ville-Marie. The breath (Rouah) of the Holy Spirit is still present today and continues to inspire our daily life.

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Concerts & Shows

Do you know what praise and worship is? And if we were to tell you the word Gospel, would it perhaps speak to you more? Gospel music is one of the musical styles of worship. The lineup of outdoor concerts on the square will give you the opportunity to discover what praise and worship is in all its splendor. Ranging from rap to zouk, from zouk to rock, from rock to gospel and so on. In a mix of melodies from here and elsewhere, come and live 375 years later, the dream of the founders of Montreal who wanted to celebrate God’s praises in this city.

Open to all, the concerts are free and will be featured by Christian artists and will also showcase the talent of young people from here.

Several other surprises such as dance groups, dynamic dances, street art and much more await you…


June 2, 2017 @ 6pm-10pm &

June 3, 2017 @ 2pm-7:30pm 


Follow our official facebook page to discover the program as well as when and who will be performing!

Kiosks & Activities

The breath of Rouah is also expressed in the diversity of gifts, artistic expressions and fields of activity. It is this diversity that you are invited to discover in the outdoor animation kiosks through games, coffee meetings, workshops, face painting for children, photobooth station and others. Surrounding the central square, the stands are open air with a background animation that invites to discover, share and exchange.

Young people, young families and children are invited to feed their curiosity.

Inside the cathedral, you will go further in the discovery with information stands. Several organizations in and around Montreal that work within the city and internationally await you. To inform you about their activities that cover the social, cultural, humanitarian and religious fields.

With family, with friends or alone, enjoyable interests and fun guaranteed.

We are waiting for you at the animated stands, come in large numbers !!!

Conference & Witness Talks

During the Rouah Festival, our team is ready to offer a wide range of activities by young people from diverse backgrounds who are eager to tell you about their experience and by volunteers who have given their lives in the service of the community.

For you who wish to be strengthened in your Faith, for you who ask questions about your Faith and who thirst for authenticity and truth, or even for you who passes by and who is curious to know what is going on.

For the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal, a thousand and one activities await you and we invite you to stop by at the Rouah festival.

Come listen to the extraordinary testimonies:

  • of those who were the founders of our beloved city;
  • other young people who have experienced something incredible by making a personal experience of Christ;

They will testify in all simplicity and will exceptionally make themselves available to you.

Do not miss this opportunity, come and see!

An evening of praise & worship celebrated by the young people of Montreal; A time of thanksgiving and praise and worship to recognize and lift up the work of the Holy Spirit from yesterday to today. From the creation of the universe to the incarnation of Jesus the Savior, from Pentecost to the birth of the Church, and from the foundation of the city of Montreal to the present day, the breath of the Holy Spirit continues to move and act. In his unfailing love, our Father who is in heaven, who has redeemed the youth such as you and I through Jesus Christ, that by His Spirit we are able to do good works for His glory. So, let all peoples praise and worship him! Because He has done great things.

Let’s celebrate Him with hymns and dances. How great is His name in all the earth!

Juin 3, 2017 @ 7:30pm


And if you were to experience a living God who manifests himself to you, who speaks to you, who answers your questions, your requests…

And yes, to pray is simply to communicate with God and since he is alive, he is present and if he is present, he wants to answer you.

However little your curiosity is, come live with us this experience of prayer that has transformed many men and women around the world.

It’s very simple. Talk to him as a friend, to whom you can relate your day, your joys, your sorrows, your doubts. With him, you can also plan, dream and even ask for advice.

On June 2-3 at the Rouah Festival, there will be prayer workshops, and silent spaces will be available so that you can listen to God’s voice, and also community spaces to encourage sharing.

You know what you have to do now, take the risk and come.

Open your heart and your Spirit to listen to Him who speaks to you

If He has answered many, then surely He will answer to you as well…

He’s waiting for you at Rouah. Come meet with Him.

You also have the possibility of participating in this festival, through your prayers by filling out this form.

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The Rouah Festival  is an effort of collaboration between various Christian churches

For minors: We encourage group leaders to have CONSENT FORMS completed by parents or guardians of minors 17 years old and under. Group leaders should have these forms on hand on the day of the event. These are for the use of the group leader only. The organizers of the Rouah Festival will not collect these forms.


You have questions? Leave us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.