January 22-27, 2019

First International WYD
in Central America

On Palm Sunday, 1985, pope John Paul II announced to the youth in Rome that World Youth day would be created. Since then, World Youth Day has been celebrated in every diocese around the world. With this invitation, Pope John Paul II calls every two or three years the youth of the world to come together to celebrate their faith in Christ. In 2019, this gathering will take place, for the first time in Central America, in Panama.

How to participate


Young adults 18 to 35 yrs old who want to live a spiritual experience in a group and discover the richness of another culture.

Group Leader

Adults 20 years of age or older who would like to bring a group to WYD, coordinate logistics, or accompany a group spiritually.

International WYD Volunteer

Young adults between 18 to 35 yrs old who want to serve can apply to the International World Youth Day Organization to become international WYD volunteers. Please note that this requires that an application be submitted directly to the coordinators of International WYD in Panama separately.

WYD Montreal 2018

You can live the experience in communion with pilgrims through the WYD Montreal celebrations. You can participate as a pilgrim, volunteer, or even be part of the team that will organize the event.
Contact missionjeunesse@diocesemontreal.org


International World Youth Day is not only a pilgrimage but also an opportunity to discover the culture, the country and the people who welcome us.

That’s why, Mission Jeunesse – in partnership with Spiritours – offer you
several packages that will allow you to discover more about the richness of the history of the country and beyond, from a faith perspective.


No flights and no transfers option**:


** WYD PANAMA ONLY (22-27 JAN 2019)

No flights and with transfers option***:



All packages…


✔ International flights (except packages with no flights)

✔ Transfer from the airport to your accommodation

✔ All taxes, including airport taxes

✔ Blue Cross Insurance Regular Package: Medical, cancellation of trip, baggage (0-60 yrs) (except packages with no flights)


✔ WYD Registration and Missionary week

✔ Accommodation and meals WYD style

✔ WYD Solidarity Fund

✔ Diocesan fee


✔ Tips

✔ Personal expenses

✔ Toutes les taxes, incluant les taxes d’aéroport

✔ Some meals (not-included in the itinerary)

✔ 3.5% fee if paid by credit card

Price subject to availability at confirmation, and exchange rate, minimum basis of 40 pax per bus to guarantee this rate
A deposit of $500 + the cost of insurance are NON REFUNDABLE

Info Session

Here we go! You are part of a group and you already began thinking about going to WYD Panama 2019? You are an individual who wishes to go to WYD Panama? You would like to get some information on the next international WYD?

We invite you to the preliminary info-session which will be held at the Archdiocese of Montreal!
7pm – 2000 Sherbrooke street O. H3H 1G4

Guide Mission Jeunesse

Les Journées Mondiales de la Jeunesse internationales, sont un pèlerinage spirituel d’une semaine. Les pèlerins, provenant des quatre coins du monde, se rassemblent pour partager leur foi et célébrer Jésus Christ. Les jeunes pèlerins participent à toutes sortes d’activités de louange et de partage, ainsi que des catéchèses et des activités de service communautaire. La semaine se termine en vigile et une messe avec le Saint-Père.

Même si les JMJ internationales ne dure qu’une semaine, ceci représente le sommet d’un itinéraire de plusieurs mois, même souvent de quelques ans de préparation qui se fait dans chaque diocèse à travers le monde.

C’est aussi une expérience qui se vit non seulement par ceux qui voyagent, mais par toute la communauté qui les accompagne sur le plan spirituel et financier. Pour Mission Jeunesse, le pèlerinage des JMJ est donc une démarche qui s’initie dans le calendrier pastoral de l’année et qui s’inspire des thèmes proposés par le Pape Le pèlerinage devient un itinéraire spirituel et pastoral qui se développe en trois étapes.

Support our pilgrims

Spiritours is a unique tour operator that specializes in personal and spiritual development journeys and Christian pilgrimages for small groups with an accent on fair-trade tourism. Fair-trade tourism enriches both the travelers and the hosts. Its profits benefit the host country’s local economy and sustainable development.

Mission Jeunesse Montreal
2000 Sherbrooke street O.
Montreal, QC H3H 1G4
(514) 925-4300

Who are we?

The Mission Jeunesse Montreal team is mandated by the Archbishop of Montreal to promote and support the potential of youth (13-35 years old) and the mission toward young people through communication, training, animation and networking in the Archdiocese in communion with his pastoral vision.

Mission Jeunesse Montreal provides support, vision and training to parishes, communities, groups and movements of young people in the mission. This support takes the form of coordination, consultation, advice, listening, training, local teams and opportunities for networking and sharing of resources.